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first trailer with NBA 2K21 gameplay

Post von rodeoneerer » 10.08.2020 09:17:27

nba 2k21 mt coins NBA 2K21 was probably among the first games announced for the next generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. Its release is closer than expected. On September 4th it will make its debut on PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch Google Stadia and Windows PC.

2K Spain has shared this trailer this Thursday with game situations like the one that opens the sequence with Damian Lillard (protagonist of one of the covers) solving an end-of-match situation. It is by no means the only star that appears in the video.

There are some new dunk and dribble animations but some of the most notable nuggets from the trailer is the brand-new shot meter which you can see at the 0:07 mark of the video on Lillard’s step back.

It’s a more flattened meter but it’s unclear how this will impact shot accuracy. cheap nba 2k21 coinsI have no opinion on it at this point but you can bet it will be one of the most discussed aspects of this trailer in the coming days.

But it is not on the current generation of consoles that the game will give its best. Nevertheless the video published a few hours ago by 2K Games is made with the graphics engine intended for the platforms currently available on the market and it already seems to be particularly surprising!

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