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Versace replica watches

Post von eigao » 14.12.2023 05:32:31

Versace showcases its love of diamonds in latest capsule watch collectionOne year after Versace launched its first We Love Diamonds capsule collection, the Italian fashion house and its watchmaking partner Timex Group Luxury Division are once again launching gem-set versions of four of its most successful collections: DV One, Icon Active, Greca Reaction and Medusa Infinite.The latest additions bring shine to some of Versace's sporty chronographs.The jeweled version of the DV One Automatic watch is set with three sapphires or three rubies on the white or black dial at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.The Greca top ring also gets a high jewelry makeover, with 206 diamonds and 74 sapphires on the white version and 206 diamonds and 74 rubies on the black version.In the Icon Active chronograph series, 27 diamonds are used for the hour markers on the gold version, and 145 diamonds are set on the top ring of the black version.Both models feature a clear polycarbonate shell enclosed in a cage by four visible screws.The new We Love Diamonds capsule collection also includes Greca Reaction for men and Medusa Infinite for women.high quality cheap watchesluxury cheap Watchesreplica watches besthigh quality cheap watchesluxury cheap Watcheshttps://www.moon-watch.coreplica watches best
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