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SoulWorke parla di uno scheduling base

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# 12.03.2018 - 02:55:52

[url=]SoulWorker Dzenai for sale[/url] One of my goals for EU release is to get to level cap as fast as possible. With the FP system I assuming it will be important to optimise dungeon entries to get the most exp out of limited daily FP. What the best way of doing that solo all the way or in full parties? What the formula for exp distribution in party? Does level difference between players affect who gets more exp? Is it a good idea to use the matching system to get party exp bonus? Is it best to follow the main storyline while doing as many side quests as possible or stay in specific dungeon until all side quests are completed before moving on with the story? I noticed some equipment pieces have +exp% bonuses are those bonuses completely random? Can we roll them on gear? If we get some exp potions from quests or

Ti faccio notare che il gioco non si pubblicizzato al di fuori di pagine[url=]Soul Worker DZ online[/url] su social e forum non hanno messo in evidenza nessun AD perch lo stesso non completo. Nel momento in cui il gioco sar completo sar rilasciata la patch commerciale e completa. Non capisco come ci si possa accanire su argomenti simili (non parlo di te in specifico ma altri utenti hanno fatto discorsi simili) quando poi si parla di uno scheduling base che ogni normalissimo gioco online segue tutti ovviamente in maniera diversa ma con lo stesso concetto. here now... well done more cheap SoulWorker Dzenai from us! great!