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I felt like a soccer cheap Mut 21 coins game

Post von bestrsgoldfast » 19.11.2020 06:18:50

Imo what they should do is just release one or two names per console (7 years) since their newest games are exactly what would qualify as free quality of life updates to Madden 21 coins pretty much any other genre.

I really don't play FIFA but Madden could make the franchise style deeper by having there be to scouting/the draft or player development/regression. They could improve the AI's broken trade logic. There's loads of space for improvement that doesn't have anything to do with the game mechanics (which also kind of suck tbh).

People do not really get upset at the mechanisms of the matches, it's the lack of depth to the game itself.

That's how I really feel about Maxis. They did not do shit using SimCity for decades, then they release a game that was unplayable at launch.

I was doing this for a while then I cant remember what Madden I purchased which was dreadful so I stopped. Eventually I felt like a soccer cheap Mut 21 coins game and last year I purchased Madden in a"possibly its gotten better" kind disposition. Yeah I am not buying another ever again until they get competition or an entire overhaul. I was amazed at how awful it was.

I just found myself feeling like a couple of days ago when I began thinking about Madden coming outside. But then I looked at it and it looked like the exact same broken mess and I began wiping the makeup off.

I get the hatred for EA. I really do. However, some folks like sports games and don't mind the purchase price. Just as it is not your cup of tea doesn't mean it is not someone's.
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