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Become a protest tool, Animal Crossing New Horizons is banned in China

Post von rodeoneerer » 16.04.2020 04:33:38

<p>Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets Designated as the most appropriate experience for confined people and in search of escape Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a certain freedom to players. Perhaps a little too much for the Chinese regime which takes a dim view of one of the practices observed.<br />
<br />
Its success is clear. And even within the editorial staff cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items one does not hide a certain happiness in finding one's island once outside working hours. In short Animal Crossing: New Horizons is everywhere. Or almost.<br />
<br />
China does not want it anymore. The simulated island life of the Nintendo Switch has disappeared from online sales sites of the Middle Empire such as Taobao or Pinduoduo. They have received directives from the government which has felt compelled to react to what constitutes a "threat to national unity". In question ? The job done by Hong Kong Protestants who took advantage of the personalization options offered to decorate their places of virtual life with messages of a political nature.<br />
<br />
Although this type of contentious content is the work of individuals who for the moment do not have the possibility of meeting in numbers on the streets of Hong Kong it is the availability of the game not officially released in China but which can be acquired in import which is therefore impacted.<br />
<br />
We imagine of course that the extent of this censorship which extends to streaming platforms like Bilibili and Douyu will have the opposite effect and push more to rally Tom Nook to the cause.<br />
<br />
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