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What's the different type of packaging paper

Post von papercupwholesaler » 29.11.2021 09:15:12

If you own a restaurant, food business, or online food company, you are always looking for effective ways to package and store food. lunch box paper bag How do you package food in a safe way that is transportable and leak-proof? eco-friendly paper cups There are many options for food packaging, and there may be more than you think. According to the type of food you pack and your specific needs, you will definitely find a solution for your product in Hyde Packing. Butcher paper is a traditional food packaging product. It is breathable, so it can reduce steam and keep food moist but not soggy. It aims to protect raw meat and fish from air pollutants. 8x10 paper bags Dry wax paper is paper coated with paraffin wax. This will form a moisture-proof, non-stick surface. By retaining moisture, crunchy food will not get wet, and moist food will stay moist. Wet wax paper is a bleached kraft paper. Unlike dry wax paper, wet wax paper has a high-gloss, waterproof surface on both sides. This heavy waxed wrap is perfect for sandwiches, vegetables and meat. Parchment is paper coated with silicone resin. decorative paper bags Silicone can be made into heat-resistant paper, starbucks disposable cups which is very suitable for cooking and baking, as well as holding hot food.Purchase high-quality food wrapping paper with a packaging company The above are the different types of wrapping paper. At Hyde, we understand that the last part of the sales process (packaging and logistics) can make or break the business. Having the best product available for packaging food is a necessary step for your success. Let our dedicated team of customer service and packaging experts help you. Visit the Hyde website now, muffin paper baking cups buy high-quality food packaging products, and understand how your business can grow with us. 

Hyde Group was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China. cheap disposable cups We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products & Biodegradable Tableware such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup, Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc. Up to now , our products have been exported to over 150 countries such as America, Canada, France, paper baking cups for cupcakes Germany, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, disposable paper tea cups Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, UAE, Lebanon, Senegal, etc. Our products already obtained some international certificates such as CE, FCS, SGS, FDA, ,LFGB, SABER, DIN, etc.“Eco-Friendly & Health” was our principle and “Customized Production & Prompt Delivery” was our advantage. dessert paper cups Looking forward to building in one long-term & win-win business relationship with those friends from around the world. 
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