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Post von Bestmengqin » 29.07.2021 10:26:28

Revenant hobgoblin: Level 60 more powerful version of OSRS Accounts the goblin's highest hit is melee 13 and magic 17. range 15, 40HP. Revenant vampire Level 68 The drainer. It is able to appear every 30 seconds or that is draining 9 HP. Its range is of 16,90hp. Revenant werewolf-Level 75 is a powerful meleer which can take 18s, at times, it will attack a lot simultaneously, and can take 100 HP.

Revenant cyclops level 82 stunner it will every 30 secs hit a ball and knock anyone out of range for 10 seconds, it uses melee, max hit is 20 hp. Revenant hellhound - Level 90 more powerful version of the hobgoblin, max hits are: range 20 and melee 20 magic 21, 140hp.

Revenant demon, Level 98 can be invisible and attack others but then turns the auto retaliation off for 10 seconds, uses magic that hits 23, 160hp. Revenant ork, level 105, uses melee and can attack people in buildings. Its maximum damage is 25, 180hp. Revenant dark beast - Level 120 the healer is able to heal stronger units. first uses magic and range that hit 24 and 23, 200hp.

Revenant knight-Level 126 uses melee, range, and can hit up to 27 or 20. can shoot and bash numerous units repeatedly and has 250HP. Revenant Dragon Level 135 is able to teleblock and heal, stun or freeze, drain and turn invisible, as well as breathe fire. Its maximum hit with magic range and magic melee is 20 and 300hp. Revenant God Level 500 melee 100 range - 100 mage-30 can kill one person, 500hp

You are able to attack, but you cannot move if you're frozen. How Many Revs? If I say they'll attack, i mean they will use most their strength on... After 5 minutes of fighting there will be 25 groups. The following wave of revenants follow them around. 20 imps will rush straight to your fortress, and begin to pound it. If they reach a low level of Buy OSRS Fire Cape HP it will explode. Five goblins and 15 imps can only attack defenders. 10 goblins and 15 imps can attack ANYTHING they see.
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